Election Results for November 4, 2014

Thanks everyone, who voted for and supported my candidacy.  Special thanks to my wife, Stephanie, and my daughters, Crystal and Mindy for all of your hard work and standing by me (Putting up with me).  Thanks to all of my friends and family who have also worked hard and put in many hours for our campaign.  I will not attempt to name you because the list is long and I would inevitably forget someone.  But, I do know who you are, appreciate it and will remember you and all you have done.


That being said, here are the results

Randy Fontenot                           1433    41%

Raymond “Bubba” Cole                  811    23%

Ronald Dies                                  717    20%

JO JO Reed                                   295     8%

Bart Thibodeaux                            255     7%

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