Going Back in Time to Move Forward into the Future

Our police department has moved forward to today leaving behind, in the past, many of its true and tried policies, procedures, practices and good ol’ professionalism.  All of these worked well in the past, why were they abandoned?

Our community was safer and happier. Police officers were respected and appreciated, professional and courteous.  The citizens were respected and respectful, appreciative and helpful.

Children admired the policeman and the officer always greeted the child with a friendly smile and kind words.  This was done so the children would not fear, but feel safe approaching an officer when in need of help or protection.  Officers visited the schools and spent time with the children in classrooms to establish a relationship whereby the children would know that the policeman was his friend while at the same time educating them about the laws and safety.

Most people new our police officers by first name and the police officers knew them.  We even knew each other’s families.  Only the criminals feared the police and the rest of us only feared the occasional traffic ticket.

The past was a time when a policeman or a police officer would protect and serve those in need, with the utmost respect and compassion.  The police officer would enforce the laws in order to protect and to serve.  Enforcing the law could be accomplished by mediation using common sense, not always resulting in tickets or arrests.

Today, they call themselves “Law Enforcement Officers.”  Maybe it’s only me, but I see many, not all, law enforcement officers of today trying to live up to the new title.  They enforce the law not to protect and to serve, but because it’s the law.  It’s black and white with no common sense, it’s the law, and it must be enforced by ticket or arrest.

Police Officers or Law Enforcement Officers?  Which one do you want?  As for me, I prefer the Police Officer.

I’m ready to go back in time to move forward into the future.  Are You?


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