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Politicians talk

I’ve heard it more than once.  I don’t talk enough. I’m too quiet.

Politicians talk, and talk, and talk some more.  But, do they ever hear what you have to say?

I Listen.  I listen to what you say. I absorb what I hear. And because I listen instead of talking, I know what issues concern you and are important to you.

Isn’t it time we elect someone who listens more than he talks?

Eunice Deserves Better

The Headlines Read:

June 3, 2011                “Civil Service board rescinds three officers’ disciplinary actions”

December 11, 2011      “Police Chief Secretary position on Tuesday’s agenda”

April 12, 2012              “Council considers having heavier hand in police hiring”

May 10, 2012               “Dies reverses course, now wants secretary position filled;

                                   Chief, council accuse each other of playing politics”

July 11, 2012                “Group meets with officials to share concerns about law enforcement”

August 23, 2012           “Chief Dies says he intends to offer secretary’s job to one of applicants”

September 13, 2012     “Council agrees to chief request for Secretary”

March 24, 2013            “AG got no inquiry in ‘sexting’ case”

March 28, 2013            “Police seek opinion, AG can’t do it”

May 16, 2013               “Council hears renewed cop complaints”

June 13, 2013               “Police issues lead council meet”

September 22, 2013     “Chief denies Mott retribution”

October 6, 2013           “Manpower need poses funeral help issue”

October 13, 2013          “Council tables further consideration of officer termination proposal”

November 14, 2013       “Eunice Police Department investigating one of its officers”

November 17, 2013       “FBI, State Police screen police tape”

January 19, 2014           “Civil Service Board reverses Chief’s discipline”

January 23, 2014           “Stay calm, orderly activist urges group upset by officer”

April 20, 2014               “Report reflects arrests jump”

April 24, 2014               “Malfeasance charged in fight case”

April 27, 2014               “Chief, panel at odds over job outline”

May 15, 2014                “Council agrees to firing”

June 1, 2014                 “Board says chief waited too late to discipline officer for actions”


Can you find the good in all of this?  I know we have officers working in our police department who are doing some good.  They are protecting us and our property.  But all of the controversy, and We have had more than our share, overshadows the good.  Eunice Deserves Better.

It’s not wrong unless someone complains

February 10, 2013   A video is recorded of an officer choking someone.

The week following, supervisors and the chief of the EPD view the video

November 2013 the video goes public.  The Chief turns investigation over to FBI and State Police According to Chief in a statement to the press.

FBI reports findings but we never hear from State Police.  Was it ever really turned over to State Police?

February 3, 2014 the Chief decides to discipline the officer.

May 28, 2014 Civil Service Hearing Held.  Chief testifies he initiated investigation after a media inquiry

The Chief testified, “No violation occurred and there was no complaint made.”

Thoughts to ponder: Would there have been a violation if a complaint was made? Apparently so, the Chief initiated an investigation as soon as the media inquired about it.

If the Chief knows an officer has disobeyed the law or violated policy, will he allow the violations to continue until someone complains?

Deceit, Deception, Lies, cover-ups,  EUNICE DESERVES BETTER.