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It’s Time to reconnect the Police Department with the community

I have been out and about talking with people, and listening to what they have to say.  One thing that I’ve learned is that my passions for our police department are the same as the people’s issues and concerns.

                                               The top three issues are:


       1.  We all want see the community’s faith in and respect of the police department restored

       2.  We all want a police chief and police department that will communicate with and reach

             out to the community

       3.  We need an experienced chief who can deal with the issues and concerns of our police



                                                     These issues tell me something.

It appears the people feel that our police department has disconnected itself from the community.   Nearly four years ago the candidate who ran as and proclaimed himself to be an OUTSIDER was elected Police Chief.  Now most feel our police department is an outside agency, not of our community.

                                                            The Solution

Elect a Police Chief who is experienced.  Experienced with our police department, our community and our people.  A candidate who is part of the community and does not claim to be an outsider.