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1st Response, No Basic First Aid & CPR

Police Officers are usually the first at most scenes.  Seconds count and can save lives.  Did you know that most of our police officers are not even certified in Basic First Aid and CPR.  They do receive certifications in the police academy, but most are never recertified after the academy training.

Recertification training is free in most cases.  Why not take advantage of it and have our police officers trained to do the jobs they are expected to do?  Why not have some of our officers certified as instructors so we can train our own officers? Just questions I think should be asked.

A side note: Ironically, our police department trains regularly and has certified instructors to train our officers in shooting, pepper spraying, and Tasing.  They do not regularly train to help the injured or save the dying.


Dies claimed during his campaign for Chief, that he had many resources and offers to provide free training to our police officers.  Recently, April 10, 2014 to be exact, the St. Landry Parish District Attorney’s office hosted, and paid for, a great training by Judge Harmon Drew and his wife, Attorney Jean Drew.  Included with the training was a valuable resource book the Drew’s update annually for Law Enforcement Officers.  I am familiar with the Drew’s and their book because I had invited them to present at the Louisiana Misdemeanor Probation Officers’ Assn. Conference the next day.

The training was offered to all law enforcement agencies in the parish.  The Eunice Police Department had the opportunity to send 6 officers to this training.  Free, all costs paid.  No one from the EPD attended.

We all know training is important and vital for our police officers.  Vital enough for Dies, as a candidate for Chief, to promise that he could acquire training while implying the other candidates did not have the resources.

The training resources are out there, they are available.  Not only do I promise that I can acquire training, I also promise that our police department will not miss out on these valuable opportunities.

The Crawfish and Lack of Police Presence

Can you believe, a city function as large as the Crawfish Cook-off, had no police presence?  That’s right. No police anywhere to be seen, calls to the police department for officers were unfruitful.  Traffic jams, cars blocked in parking lots by other vehicles, and no police to help.  No protection, no service.  Listen to my interview on KEUN FM 105.5.

I will not make promises I know I may not be able to keep, but this I will promise.  Elect me as your next Chief of Police and next year’s cook-off, and other events in our City WILL have a police presence.

I have spoken recently of rebuilding our Reserve Officers’ Force.  This is why a Reserve Force is needed.  There should be no excuse that our police department is too shorthanded to Protect and Serve our community.