Promises Kept
  • TO PROTECT AND TO SERVE: The motto has returned to our Police Department.  It is now proudly displayed, once again, on all of the police units purchased since I took office.  Our police department once again strives to serve the public while protecting. 
  • WITH RESPECT TO ALL: Respect is back.  Our officers once again respect the public they serve, and the public once again has respect for our police officers.
  • TRAINING: During the last campaign I spoke of our officers being trained to shoot, in the use of pepper spray and tasers and being certified in First Aid and CPR. Trained to hurt and kill but not to treat injuries and save lives.  All of our officers are now required to be certified in first aid, CPR and AED use.  Our officers are required by law to receive 20 hours of training annually.  Since I have been Chief, the officers are receiving an average of 90 plus hours annually.
  • POLICE PRESENCE: Prior to my taking office there was a lack of police presence at events occurring in the city.  I have increased the presence of officers at the various events taking place.  At events such as the Crawfish Cook-off, Mardi Gras and the Experience Louisiana Festival officers can be seen directing traffic, escorting officials, assisting patrons and just being seen as a crime deterrent.  As a result, our events are peaceful and lacking the usual criminal activity.


  • My campaign motto “To Protect & To Serve… With respect to ALL” has been established in our police department.
  • Established a full time training officer’s position to ensure officers maintain required certifications and to implement training programs that will achieve professionalism, reduced officer misconduct and better qualified police officers
  • The number of people being tased by our officers has been reduced dramatically.
  • The instances of pepper spray use has decreased
  • The number of people who resist our officers when they are making an arrest has dropped significantly.
  • The number of people who are charged with interfering with the duties of an officer has declined to an insignificant number.
  • A consistent process has been implemented to work with the schools to tackle the truancy issue
  • Your Chief of Police and City Judge visit each school at least twice a year to address the students on current and other issues.
  • 20 police vehicles have been purchased to replace older vehicles that were no longer reliable and required much maintenance. The result is more reliable patrol cars to respond to your calls and decreased maintenance fees.
  • Purchased two bicycles used for stealth patrol of high crime areas
  • Implemented a motorcycle patrol unit manned by an officer with advanced traffic crash investigation training, utilized for traffic crash investigations and traffic enforcement details. The motor patrol is also used to conduct traffic studies to make recommendations to the city council for traffic regulations.
  • The Police Reserve Force has been revitalized allowing a greater police presence in the city, providing more services and saving overtime costs
  • The violent crime rate for the City of Eunice is down for the last 3 years according to the FBI’s Bureau of Justice Statistics.
  • Working with church and community leaders we took back our streets making them safer
  • Implemented an innovative and new patrol program to fight the summer crime wave
  • Implemented a program whereby parents are held accountable for the habitual ungovernable and criminal actions of their children
  • In cooperation with the Mayor’s Office and the St. Landry Parish Solid Waste Commission we have implemented a Trash/Litter Abatement program utilizing inmates to clean up our city
  • Successfully petitioned the Eunice Municipal Fire and Police Civil Service Board to make changes in the police sick leave and vacation policies
  • Through our State Representative, proposed and obtained passage of legislation to provide authority to the Chief of Police concerning the employment and discipline of police employees.
  • Serve on the Legislative Committee of the Louisiana Association of Chiefs of Police
  • Appointed to serve on the Governor’s Blue Ribbon School Safety Commission.

An Evening with Randy Fontenot

Thank You!!!

 Results:      Randy Fontenot 60%       Raymond “Bubba” Cole  40%


It’s Runoff time

Print Every vote counts and does make a difference.  Last months elections resulted in 2 candidates I know in other towns losing by only 4 votes.  Please go out and vote Saturday, remind your friends and family to vote.  And, while you are voting, please vote for me, #241.

Proven Leadership, the Ability to Get it Done

Throughout this campaign, I have communicated my plans and goals for our police department.  So have the other candidates, their plans not much different than mine.

The difference: I have said how I will carry out those plans, meet the goals, and make it all work.  The other candidates have not.

The difference now: I have the experience, proven leadership ability and knowledge to follow through with what I said.  We are now down to 2 candidates in this race and I am the only candidate with these attributes.

My opponent cannot boast of these accomplishments or experience.  The following proves my leadership abilities and the determination and ability to get things done.

Here is a brief outline of my experience, Leadership ability and accomplishments:

            1.  1982 began career with Eunice Police Department

                 1987 Promoted to Sergeant

                 1990 Promoted to Lieutenant

                       Positions: Juvenile Officer, Detective, Chief of Detectives, Patrol Supervisor, Civil Service Representative

                 1998 Retired with Eunice Police Department

                 1990 Became the first probation officer for Eunice City Court, Oakdale City Court and the 33rd District Court

                         (part-time) and created the Eunice City Court Probation Department from scratch.

                 1998 Bought and managed a retail lumber and hardware store with my father

                 2003 Sold business when father retired

                 2004  Eunice City Court Probation Department became a full time position (Current employment)

                          I have also been appointed Judicial Administrator  for Eunice City Court

                 2006 Founded and elected President of Louisiana Misdemeanor Probation Officers’ Assn. 

                           Served as President until 2014

            2.  Co-founder and elected first president of the first Eunice Police Officers’ Assn

            3.  Instrumental in the creation or re-writing of by-laws for the Eunice Police Officers’ Assn., The Acadiana Law

                 Enforcement Youth Camp Assn., The St. Landry Parish Children & Youth Services Planning Board, The

                 Louisiana Misdemeanor Probations Officers’ Assn. and the Eunice Players’  Theatre.

            4.  Current Memberships

                 Eunice Players’ Theatre  Board of Directors   Member At-Large                

                 Harmony Lodge #410 F&AM  Past Master and current Senior Warden

                 Eunice Kiwanis Club

                 Louisiana Misdemeanor Probation Officers’ Assn.    Founder and Past President

                 Louisiana Court Administrators Assn.

                 St. Landry Parish Children & Youth Services Planning Board   Past Chairman

                 Woodmen of the World

Election Results for November 4, 2014

Thanks everyone, who voted for and supported my candidacy.  Special thanks to my wife, Stephanie, and my daughters, Crystal and Mindy for all of your hard work and standing by me (Putting up with me).  Thanks to all of my friends and family who have also worked hard and put in many hours for our campaign.  I will not attempt to name you because the list is long and I would inevitably forget someone.  But, I do know who you are, appreciate it and will remember you and all you have done.


That being said, here are the results

Randy Fontenot                           1433    41%

Raymond “Bubba” Cole                  811    23%

Ronald Dies                                  717    20%

JO JO Reed                                   295     8%

Bart Thibodeaux                            255     7%

Join us This Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Calendar of Events

The election is approaching and things are starting to happen.  Please keep an eye on my calendar of events to keep up to date on what’s going on.  New events are now being added regularly.  You can view my Calendar of Events by clicking the EVENTS tab on my website at

"ils sont partis”

The race is on.  I qualified today for the November 4 election and we are gearing up for the race.  This weekend is a great weekend to support the campaign. 

I’ve discussed the lack of police presence at local events recently.  This weekend is the EHS Alumni Tournament.  Let’s make a presence in support of this event.  Let’s don our red campaign shirts and make an appearance.  The games begin Friday evening and continue through Sunday.

Why Experience with our Police Department Matters


Not only does the Ordinance not allow for more than one Deputy Chief, the chief should also know that the creation of any new position requires the approval of the City Council. The position and promotion also requires approval of the Civil Service Board. Then the City Council must fund the position in the budget. A chief cannot create and promote to positions on a whim. Dies cites his authority as chief that he does not have.

I have seen his proposed duties for the 2 Deputy Chiefs. They are basically the duties of the Lieutenants. I see a problem with his understanding of the chain of command in our police department and the duties of ranks. An example of why we need a chief of police with experience in management, leadership and organizational skills. Experience and knowledge with our local police department and it’s operations would also be an asset.